Commit Message standard

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A commit message is a short description of a change to a repository. We should follow certain standards to describe changes efficiently, such as:


[{emoji} ]{type}[({module})]: {subject within 50 words}[ (#{issue/pull request})]


  • 🎉 Feat: add shortcode fixit-encryptor shortcode (#123)
  • ⬆️ Chore(libs): update Artalk from 2.2.12 to 2.3.4 (#150)



EmojiTypeExampleDescription (No Ambiguous)
FeatFeat: add {feature}new feature
🚚Feat: adjust/migrate {feature name}, {change details}For the adjustment feature, it is necessary to describe the current situation (before) and after adjustment (after)
🔥Feat: delete {feature name}, {deletion reason}If the feature is deleted, the reason for deletion must be explained
FixFix: fix {bug description}Fix known bugs
StyleStyle: Typesetting/CSS style {optimizing content}Changes that do not affect code operation, such as code layout and style change
♻️RefactorRefactor: override {feature name}It is neither a new function nor a code change to fix a bug. Simply rewriting the code of a function does not affect the function result
PerfPerf: improve performance {function name}, {improve content}Optimize code performance
RevertRevert: restore version {commit message of restore version}Restore the version of one commit

DocsDocs: revise comments/update documentsAdjustment of documents and notes
🔧ChoreChore: update plugin versionChanges in the construction process or auxiliary tools
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