Getting Things Done for ios App Reminders and Github issues


Getting Things Done (GTD) is a personal productivity system developed by David Allen and published in a book of the same name. GTD is described as a time management system. Allen states “there is an inverse relationship between things on your mind and those things getting done”.

1 理解


  1. 搜集 (Collections Box)
  2. 处理
  3. 组织
    • Next actions
    • Projects
    • Waiting for
    • Someday
  4. 检查

2 Apple Reminders app

按照以上原则就可以把 Apple 的提醒事项建 5 个大分类,
还可以通过标签更加细分我们的 idea, 配合日历使用让生活学习更高效。


3 Github

  • 收集:选择 repository -> 建 issue
  • 处理:解决并关闭 issue
  • 组织:
    • Labels
    • Projects
    • Milestone
bugSomething isn’t working
documentationImprovements or additions to documentation
duplicatee or pull request already exists
enhancementNew feature or request
good first issueGood for newcomers
help wantedExtra attention is needed
invalidThis doesn’t seem right
prioritySomething to deal with first
questionFurther information is requested
studySelf learning plan
wontfixThis will not be worked on

4 总结

之前在 Foxconn 工作,因为工作电脑、个人电脑、手机可以做到互不干扰,本来想的是把工作、学习 (Free Code) 和 生活 的计划完全分开。 但是换工作后用自己的电脑,工作和 Free Code 就有了交集,换 mac 后,由于苹果生态的原因,不可避免生活计划也加入其中,形成一个三者互相交错的 Venn 图,所以简单分一下:

  • 工作、生活
    • 苹果生态:日历、提醒、备忘录(标签区分)
  • 学习
    • Github (collection, backup), Blog (summarize)


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